Starfury: Quor'toth
Thistle hotel, Heathrow, England 
24/06/2005 - 26/06/2005
Dates 24th - 26th June, 2005
Venue Thistle hotel, Heathrow, England, UK
Organizer Starfury Conventions
Guests Amy Acker, Dennis Christopher, Clare Kramer (event MC), Andy Hallet, Dayne Johnson, Vladimir Kulich, Jenny Mollen, Sarah Thompson, Stacey Travis
Notes PAGE 1:
On the Friday night, Dennis Christopher donned my chef's hat and Jedi robe for a couple of photos. '02Christopher' shows one of the resultant pictures.
Also on Friday night, "Roberta, Queen of the Jedi" made a repeat appearance, accompanied this time by "Fiffi". This abomination can be seen in '03Roberta'.
When Andy and Dayne came on stage on Sunday afternoon, Andy brought with him a photo of Dayne taken during the photosessions on Saturday. That photo can be seen in '24Johnson_Hallet'.
Very late at the Sunday night party - actually after 3 a.m. - Clare Kramer sat at our table for a chat. After being asked to take photos of her with a couple of attendees, I requested a photo myself. I was very pleased with the result, which is shown in '36Kramer'. :)
All but one of the photos on this page are from the photosessions on Saturday. I made the effort (quite a task that early on Saturday morning at a convention) to dress up, and secured permission to take a spare Jedi Chef hat and a lightsaber through the photosessions.
I got a single photosession picture on the Sunday. I like "daft" photosession photos, but '47Josie' may be a little too silly. As it might have been Josie's last appearance at a Starfury convention, attendees were given the opportunity to have their photo taken with her. Tickets were only a few pounds, with proceeds destined for the RSPCA.
Thank you very much to Dave Sumner for taking these photosession photos for me.
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